Fully Equipped Gym

The Ballyliffin Lodge & Spa offers fantastic State-of-the-art Gym Facilities & equipment at the Hotel.  

Lodge Gym

Our Guests can enjoy the following Exercise Machines: 

Smith’s      |     Chest Press     |    Lat Pull    |     Ab Crunch      |    

 Shoulder Press     |     Seated Leg Curl     |     Leg Extension

We offer the following Cardio-vascular Equipment: 

4 Top-Class Treadmills      |     5 Cross Trainers     |     2 Rowing Machines

10 Spin Bikes     |     3 Sit Down Bikes 

We also offer Free Weights and other Core Equipment: 

Exercise Balls     |     Kettlebells     |    Deadlift Bars & Dumb bells 

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